United Property Management

David Hsu, Managing Director

David directs all aspects of United Property Managementís real estate services. As a 30-year veteran in the multi-family and commercial real estate industry, David leads all day-to-day operations and asset management initiatives for the firm, bringing a focused approach to cost-effective maintenance, tenant retention, and staff development. David began his real estate career in 1976 selling residential real estate. He became a broker and started his own company in 1980, eventually training and managing 80 agents. After observing a lack of personal and individualized attention in the multi-family and commercial property management field, David saw a need for quality management services catering to individual owners, especially those in the fast-growing Asian communities. Fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, David is a recognized leader and pioneer in the field of property management in the Los Angeles Chinese community. David has worked with and managed real estate portfolios for such clients as Cathay Bank, T.C. Development and Hannon Development.

UPM Property Managers

Our multilingual property managers (fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean) are highly trained not only in repair and maintenance services but also in legal and accounting matters, which are critical yet often overlooked, in reducing our clients' legal liabilities, protecting their financial investments. We have agents specializing in the commercial or residential real estate markets, whose comprehensive knowledge of the local markets can help you determine the best price to buy or sell your property. UPM's employees are committed to continually improving through education, openess to innovations in technology, and adaptive management practices. Our objective is always to exceed clients' expectations. To ensure the best care for your property, UPM Property Managers are supported by a strong accounting department and information technology system. We pride ourselves in our personal yet professional relationships with our clients.

Research and Analysis

Property Analysis
Prior to any acquisition or sale, UPM conducts a thorough inspection of properties. Our job is to increase property value while decreasing any unforeseen liabilities. In addition, an internal account analysis determines any rental adjustments as needed, dramatically boosting the income potential of existing properties.

Field Research and Market Survey
Understanding that the real estate market is in constant flux, UPM aims to stay ahead of the competition. Trained surveyors in the field are sent to ascertain current rental rates, housing availability and possible vacancies. This intelligence gathering determines periodical rental adjustment, with consideration to appreciation and cost of living increases, as well as determining the state of current demand. Maintaining dynamic pricing enables property owners to quickly capitalize on changes in the market.

Our value assessment tools include comprehensive paper surveys and personal interviews. By establishing trusted relationships with managers, surveyors stay abreast of possible zoning issues, new developments that might affect property value, and uncover any other useful data to help keep property above market.

Strategic Planning

Management Planning
Efficient management is an essential asset to any property. Based on complete property analyses, UPM creates comprehensive projections that include value-adding capital improvements, appropriate budgets, and news and developments in state or federal regulations.

Property Tax Reduction
Over 50% of properties are over-assessed for tax purposes, often resulting in disproportionate taxation. Because challenging a property tax assessment is a laborious process, many owners continue to - unnecessarily - pay the high price. UPM has the experience and the proper procedures to help you lower your property taxes.

Rental & Leasing

Finding Tenants
We realize the importance of selecting the right tenants, as great tenants can maximize property value. UPM manages all advertising, property showcasing and interviewing of potential tenants. Ads are immediately placed in all appropriate, highly visible media to ensure fast turnarounds.

Application Processing
UPM handles the sometimes difficult and often mundane task of processing tenant applications. We assess the mutual fit of each potential tenant, executing interviews, credit checks and final acceptance of new tenants.

Drafting Rental and Leasing Agreements
Based on 30 years of experience, UPM managers draft highly detailed rental and leasing contracts. Covering more than what is typically expected by the California Realtorsí Association, which can leave owners vulnerable. Our contracts are written fairly but also written to reduce and protect the owners from liabilities that often arise through frivolous lawsuits.

Rent Control
It can be difficult for owners to stay current on property rental regulations. UPM's experience can serve as a guide when it comes to rent control issues.

Eviction can be a lengthy and costly process, as they require timely filings and adherence to specific state and county laws. UPM's thorough documentation becomes a tremendous asset to owners as it builds a convincing case in the court of law.

Tenant Relation

Association Management
UPM is experienced in managing homeowner associations, easing the stress for residents. Cooptation directly with association members will minimize conflicts and maximize return. By minimizing potential complications arising from financial and legal matters, we assist in creating friendly residential communities.

Manager Training and Supervision
Dependable on-site managers are key for medium- to large-size complexes, namely to ensure smooth operations and thriving properties. UPM trains and motivates managers to conduct rent collection, maintain friendly but firm tenant relations, enforce site policies, and execute repairs.

Serving Notices
UPM's system of rental notifications ensures that notices are served in the proper manner required by law. Rule violations are always properly documented and tenants alerted.

Our managers communicate closely with tenants to review rental payment methods, tiers of delinquency, lease terms, annual increases, and 48-hour notices prior to entering premises for repairs or inspections.

24-Hour Access
Our doors are open 24/7 through our emergency hotline available to tenants and building managers.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Record Maintenance
The law requires that property owners keep all logs on file for taxation and legal purposes for years at a time. UPM maintains a record of all contracts, records of disbursements, and other receipts, down to the postmarks of any late rent-check payments.

Rent Collection
To smoothly integrate new tenants into the system, UPM pro-rates the majority of leases to the first of each month. As grace periods and late fees vary by property, UPM manages each accordingly.

All receivables, whether it's the mortgage or remittance to a vendor, are handled through separate trust accounts for each owner and maintained by UPM to ensure that payment flow is complete.

Monthly Operating Statements
UPM records and maintains monthly financial statements needed to accurately account for monetary occurrences for each unit, including cash flow statements, registers and rent roll, to name a few.

Property Maintenance

Vendor Procurement
Answering to the bottom-line and never cutting corners, UPM believes that a solid investment in reliable vendors will lengthen the life of a building. UPM goes well beyond referring to the Yellow Pages for a good plumber, roofer or landscaper.

Vendor Review
Our coordinated cost-reduction policy to obtain at least three separate vendor quotes/estimates for any job over $500 delivers high quality work at competitive prices. All new vendors undergo an evaluation period to determine the quality of their work and pricing. Repairs are evaluated after completion and must be approved before an invoice is signed.

24-Hour Emergency Access
Again, our doors are open 24/7 through our emergency hotline available to tenants and building managers in the event of an unexpected problem.


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